Thursday, May 2, 2013

Skills in action

Skills in action. That is precisely what yoga is. Well, at least at the surface, it appears that way or else how else would you explain this.:)

The limitless power of human being
Been wanting to write about my yoginic :p journey for a couple of months now but I guess yesterday's event had to kick start it. The Malaysia Yoga Society (MYS) held its annual international Yoga Competition yesterday and I just happened to be a part of it. If I could put it in mere words : It's nice to feel and to know that you're part of something greater than your own self because most often the only person we're ever so concerned about it our own selves. Isn't it so? 

So anyway, the bulk of the participants are primary school children. And a small group of inspiring enthusiastic awesome adults. To some it may not look like a real charity fund raising programme but if you probe deeper, put a little bit of your heart and mind, you'll see that this competition allows kids especially from all walks of life to shine albeit all their differences. It was just a platform to showcase their abilities. Some of which have been deeply suppressed. A large group of participants are children from various Tamil schools around Klang Valley mainly underprivileged  poor kids. Perhaps some with very unhappy family, incondusive living environment, alcoholic abusive father. Or all of it. I will never know but each and every one of them have the potential to be a great individual and that is basically what yoga does. To bring out that potential in them without any prejudice. Perhaps at this age being in a primary school, those kids will never know how much their life will change in about 10 years from now but they will be a better adult. One who is brave, courageous, disciplined and most importantly one who will reach out to others when the time comes. I have heard stories from friends in the yoga society that some of these kids change remarkably after just a few months of yoga. They stop bullying kids in school, they actually come to school and become better students. Think about it, these are the same kids that could go out and rob you in motorcycles should they go astray. Should they get neglected. 

Yoga has the power to change my own Indian criminals to be good human beings. And the best time to begin is when they're at primary school so that when they reach adolescence where all social problems start they know how to evaluate what is right and what is wrong.  That is how I see it. If they're guided well when they're young, regardless of how poor and battered their life could be, they will still shine. 

It was a great team effort by everyone. Both participant and volunteers. It would be wonderful if we could do this in a larger scale, have more helping hand  as we were in dire need of manpower which could directly translate to the success of the event. And of course all credits goes to the great man behind this event and the founder of MYS, Master Manisekaran himself. A man of vision. I must say. 

Hope to see you all next year. As a participant, volunteer or both :)

One for MIYC 2013

Devotees receiving darshan from Guruji Durai. :p
And thank you Kumaresan Subramaniam for the pictures! In hindsight, the tag was worth it now :p

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  1. Iswari VengadaramanMay 2, 2013 at 7:59 PM

    Thank you Jivanthi for such a great expression of your MIYC 2013 experience! Selfless service to others "Karma Yoga" is a great inner self development tool which brings abundance of joy and peace into our own life and at the same time unleash unconditional LOVE to everyone!