Friday, February 3, 2012

Avatar 1: Lord Muruga

In view that Thaipusam is around the corner, I have chosen this Lord to be this blog's first featured Avatar. :D

The single speared Velayudhan 
Name : Muruga aka The Beautiful One, The Blissful One

Other nick names: Skandan, Kantha, Karthigeyan, Kumaran, Mayilvaganan, Velayuthan, Gughan, Subramaniam, Saravanan, Soorasankaran, Vishagan, Vallimanallan. 

Birth place: Sarvana Pond

History of birth and many names behind it:  

In the Deities world, evil was triumphing and the demon Soorapadman's (another source said this demon is Tarakarsooran) cruelty knew no borders. The inhabitants could only ask Lord Shiva aka The Destroyer to help them on this matter. Lord Shiva then incarnated a form of six faces (i.e Sathyojatham, Vamadevam, Thathpurusham, Eesanam, Aghoram and Atho). From the third eye of each face, came a fire spark. Lord Shiva asked the God of Wind ( Wayudevan) and the God of Fire ( Agnidevan) to take the six sparks to the Ganges River. The deity of the Ganges river (Ganga) took this sparks to the Sarvana pond. The six fire sparks became six beautiful babies on six red lotus flowers. When Goddess Parvathi hugged them together, they joined to become one form with six faces, twelve hands and was named Skandan, The Mighty Warrior. Six ladies called Kartigai maids took care of Him. Hence he was also called Karthigeyan. 

Finally, when the time was right, Lord Shiva gave the eleven weapon (Rudras) and Mother Parvathi, granted him the spear (Vel) to be used as weapons to kill Soorapadman. This battle went on for 10 days. It was believed that Soorapadman took the form of a big mango tree and Lord Muruga used his spear to split the tree; one part of the tree became the peacock (which the Lord used as His vehicle) and the other half became a rooster ( which was used as a flag)

Father: Shiva

Mother: Parvathi

Siblings: Ganesha & Ayyapan 

Wives: Valli & Devayani ( I'll need to find reasons as to why he has two wives. Will get back to you on this)

Vehicle: Peacock

One happy family at home =) though Muruga's other brother , Ayyapan is nowhere to be seen ;p

Very popular : In south India, state of Tamil Nadu

Known as : The Warrior God and God of Tamil because it was believed that He thought the Tamil language to Saint Agastiyar  himself. 

His Favourite Days: Karthigai star days in each month, Fridays, & Shasti Days; twice a month which falls on the sixth day after the full moon (Pournami) and sixth day after the new moon (Amavasai).

His Major Celebrations
1) Thaipusam - celebrated on full moon, during the Thai (Jan-Feb) month, 10th month of the Hindu calendar. 
2) Skandha Shasthi Viratham (Fast) - A six day fast cum festival celebrated during the month of Aipassi (Oct-Nov) and the final day was said to be the day Lord Muruga killed the super-demon Soorapadman or Tarakasooran.
3) Thirukalyanam- His marriage date to one wife, Valli, normally the day after the final day of Skandha Shasthi Viratham.

Major Scriptures
1) Thirumurukarruppadai                        
2) Kandar Anubhuti
3) Kandapuranam                               
4) Kandar Alankaram
5) Kanda Kalivenba                             
6) Kandar Shasthi Kavasam

Famous Cribs aka Arupadai  Veedu ( 6 houses)  
1) Thiruparang Kundram, Madurai
2) Thiruchendoor, Thirunelvelli
3) Palani Malai, Dindukal-Coimbatoore
4) Swamimalai, Kumbhakonam
5) Thiruthani Malai
6) Pazhamuthir Choolai, Madurai

Avatars Aim: Destroying evil and all other forms of it greed, anger, hatred, cruelty, jealousy, falsehood. 

In his abode, Thiruparang Kundram
Muruga's childhood days in Thiruchendoor

In Pazhamuthir Choolai Abode in Madurai: The Lord with His two wives, Valli & Deivanai

In the Thiruthani Malai abode 
So I have listened to many Tamil songs both holy and not and they all mention many of the Lord's six abodes, now I know why and yes I personally believe He's really beautiful =)


  1. Lord Ayyapan is not his brother. Lord Ayyapan is more like his half-brother as He is born out of Lord Shiva and Mohini (an avatar of Lord Vishnu). So yeah, that's why you don't see Lord Ayyapan in the Shiva Peruman's family portrait. =)

    1. Besides that, you blog kinda rocks! =D

  2. Well just in case you didn't notice the comment on my blog... =P

    Haha! Well, Ms Jivanti, the "Random Guy" is like a pen name to me. But the anonymous is.. well anonymous. =D

    Sure I'll take a look at the blog and thanks for the job recommendation. =D