Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hugging God

Some of life's profound moments happens beyond the imagination and comprehension of the human mind. Words alone no matter how apt can never quite equate to that which that happened. To that which you experienced. Ironically also only words get you this far. From here, it has to be felt and when that happens, suddenly and instantly life changes. This I believe is what the Hindus or Tamilians say "nyanyem piranthereche". To put it plainly, you were awakened. Books and scriptures of real life stories of enlightened masters entails this in great length and depth. Worthy for the seekers who are on their spiritual journey. I also personally believe that, that momentary height of consciousness is attainable without having to travel half across the globe to a remote mountain. But only momentary. Eternally one has to travel further into his mind and later abandoned the earthly life. Depending on what the soul had always desired, that moment will give you the answer to some or many of your questions in the past. Questions you have asked with the purest of intention. If you were tuned to this experience, then life will take a better twist and you will soon watch the glory of it unfold. If that moment impacted you the way it should, then you'd realized that all this while before that one moment, you were alive but you weren't living. Depending on how that moment affected your body, mind and soul, you'll react accordingly. You'll experience a series of emotion. One after another. The emotions will shock you. The most profound would be the act of surrendering. You're ready to let go. To leave all your materials and loved ones behind. Then you'll weep because you thought death is at the door. Even then you were fearless. Free. At that moment, you'll feel an absolute bliss beyond words. God Hugged you. A voice in you will whisper that you were reborn. You will want to stay here forever. You will want to hold on to that moment. You'll float away in the sweet nectar of spiritual highness for sometime before coming back to the real Earth again because that's as far as your soul can go for this time. I believe only yogis, sages and enlightened masters remain in this bliss forever for they are in a whole different plane than the rest of us. Just like how everything we feel in life is a relative to another. To appreciate one moment, experience or just about anything, you need to first know the existence of the opposite. That God hugging moment was transiently blissful relative to other worldly moments. 

The next day, you wake up as usual to live the day. Everything appears the same to the world outside. At the deepest level of the soul, only you realize the change that is happening in you. You're same yet different. You'll recreate life miraculously all over again and you know it will happen bit by bit so that you can enjoy it and marvel at its' grace. You'll see pure existence everywhere. Beautiful just the way they are. You just become aware and in sync with all that is around you. Again something that can only be felt by you. You rejoice and radiate joy into this sense perceived world and still it is beyond human thinking and reasoning.

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